A community owned, decentralized platform for projects to find the

best cryptocurrency exchanges

A community owned, decentralized platform for projects to find the best cryptocurrency exchanges

How EPLO works?

Create a profile

Fill in applicaion form and provide your smart contract audit, whitepaper and legal opinion

Get approved

Pass through our quick pre-vetting process and have your profile approved

Start connecting

Get connected to top cryptocurrency exchanges and start receiving offers that your project deserves.

Why join EPLO?

For Project

The future of listing is direct

Pay 0% commission

No hidden fees and membership costs so you can get the best listing offer possible.

Link with the most exciting cryptocurrency exchanges

Connect only with top-notch exchanges and bring the visibility of your project to new highs

Receive a Consultation

Claim a free consultation on growth tactics from our experienced team once your project gets approved.

Its your network-Own it

Receive exposure for your project from EPLO community that can help to shape the future of your project.

For Exchanges

The future of discovering is easy

Find top web3 projects fast

Get curated and pre-vetted project profiles that match your needs for listing at your exchange

Save costs

We offer favorable listing commision fees when listing projects from EPLO.

Quality Guarantee

Your exchange reputation is safe with us. We guarantee the quality of the project that you get.

Better Prediction

Have a look at project’s engagement from EPLO token holders and estimate the potential of trading volume that the project can generate at your exchange


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An Ecosystem of Web3 Projects

EPLO is a platform where top cryptocurrency exchanges are matched with highly qualified projects from around the world. Projects get the best listing offer possible from their desired exchanges while networking with EPLO token holders and with other amazing projects to explore partnerships to grow together.

Our platform is community-owned and is governed by EPLO token holders, most of whom are community members who can earn their token through staking and contributions made to the platform, including:

Our Team

Hayk Geghamyan

Head of Business Development

Tigran Gareginyan

Chief Strategy Officer

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